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Monday, October 17, 2011

How Moringa Helps Diabetes Patients


We have been busy building our colony rabbit pen, moving the baby chicks out to their new home in our shed, and finishing their outside chicken yard for the future. These pens are completely enclosed since we have many birds of prey including crows.

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Our rabbits have a 10 by 20 space with cages for warmth. If they wish to hang out outside, they have a tree stump path up to their cages. The tree stumps give them exercise and something to do along with some cat toys.  They are litter trained so their cage area stayed clean. The material in the litter boxes is potting mix. Once it is enhanced with their manure, it gets taken out to the garden to amend the soil or to the red worms I am raising. The rabbits have room to kick up their feet. I have room to sit in there and just enjoy them. Not everyone would devote a carport to their rabbits but the carport was  inconvenient to use for our cars. The carport given them protection from the elements of this harsh climate. It had built in windows and and three complete walls which saved a lot of building time and money.

The picture below is the chicks inside pen where they will roost, come in to lay eggs, and eat. Right now they have a light and closed off area for warmth at night. Later on when they are bigger they will go out a door cut into the wall that leads into their huge chicken yard. Part of it has shade and half has sun to give them the elements to be healthy.

The yard is very spacious since we have the room. It will have 400 sq feet for the 28 chicks we bought. They will all be around 5 to 6 pounds when fully grown. I believe when at all possible to give animals space so they can live happily.

The Moringa Trees are doing well in our shed with some panels in the roof that let in warmth and sun. Even though the shed gets down to the low 40's, it is warm in the day and so the trees are still growing. It is extending their time to keep their leaves.

Moringa Leaves and Diabetes:

Many people have written me about using Moringa to control diabetes. There are two reasons why Moringa would help stabilize glucose. One of them being the amazing nutrition in the leaves. Many people with diabetes do not eat enough vegetables, salads, fiber, and high quality food. Moringa improves their nutrition which helps to build their health up. In India, Ayurvedic doctors use Moringa leaves to help prevent disease and improve nutrition for all age groups. It is especially great for those who are malnurished with compromised health and immune systems. Is there any research to back up its apparent positive effect on diabetes?

Several research projects using rats have shown that Moringa leaf powder contains polyphenols that have the effect of lowering sugar levels. Moringa also delays gastric emptying by the stomach which is important for the control of diabetes. If you wish to read one of these articles here is a link to the original research, Research article on Moringa and diabetes . I will give you links to new research as I find it. 

There are quite a few research studies done in India. Moringa has been tested over hundreds of years by the Native people in India. Moringa is used by doctors in India. These doctors are educated just like our doctors except they use a combination of herbs and modern medicine together to give their patients the best of both worlds. Doctors from India are very skilled and effective. In El Centro, Ca where I used to live, we had a number of doctors from India. I took my daughter to one and I got treatment from another. I was impressed with the time they, themselves, spent with us. It was not the doctors assistant who took our patient history but the doctor himself. He listened, asked questions, conducted the exam and then made a diagnosis. They examined all of you for clues into your health problem including the mouth and tongue. There are all sorts of signs the body gives off when ill. These signs may effect your skin, hair, hands, fingernails, and tongue. They are great.

Well this is all for now.....Have a blessed week all of you.

Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

I do not sell Moringa products as of Sept, 2016. I am working on a project that demands an unbiased viewpoint. 

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