Monday, August 1, 2011

The Wind versus Your Moringa and Veggie Garden

Hi Friends,

Yesterday in a thunder-wind-rain storm, the wind blew with force. It stripped three metal panels off the shed roof and nearly blew down the garden. We were not impressed. We moved some of the more fragile trees and plants inside the shed. We put up some wind blocks around the tomato plants, now 5 foot high, to save them from being bent down and broken in the wind. Thankfully it stopped before they were all ruined. It is a kind of war with nature here, and some days I am not sure who is winning. This is our first year here and everyday is an adventure.

The little Moringa tree that I transplanted, that lost some of it root, survived and is doing fine. The trees are surviving the winds and weather. We will replace the metal panels on the shed with greenhouse panels to let the light through.  We are turning the shed into a combination greenhouse and tool shed this year. You cannot build a green house here with a plastic covering, wind just rips it up in short order. We will have to buy some good quality greenhouse panels. That will increase the cost considerably. You must build everything here, keeping the heavy winds in mind. Locals here say the winds are the worst they have seen in 25 plus years. Thank you climate changes. Also if the temperatures that normally can dip down to -10, dip every further, the shed is stronger, with an old metal burn stove in it.

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The veggie plants are doing great in the hay bales with the exception of the cucumber. It has massive leaves, with baby cucumbers, that don't mature, but die on the plant. The plant is healthy and organic fertilizer has not helped. It may be this one plant that has problems. We have a ton of tomatoes and some squash.  The lavender in the hay bales in doing beautifully, but the comfrey plant is not. I will not raise them in the hay bales again. They are done beautifully under the bushes in the back. They do take a lot of water. One of the reasons, is that we have a 6 inch layer of rock under this property so their roots cannot easily expand deeply as they would like.

So all for now.....the next two days we work on the shed roof.
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

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