Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Moringa and Immunity.....Is Moringa Safe in Pregnancy and Nursing

Hi Friends,

I want to remind new readers that I grow the trees, I eat the leaves fresh, and dry my own leaves. 

I am committed to Moringa and in the effort to educate America about this tree. It is one of the trees every family should have growing in their yard, greenhouse, or living room for the hard times ahead. 

Why have artificial trees in your house for decoration, when you can grow one that you can eat off. I am raising 10 of them in large trash cans, because our area is too cold for them to be planted into the ground. They are a resource that is pure gold, when quality home grown food is the goal. 

So this blog is from the heart. I do sell the products because some people will not grow the trees or cannot grow it. If you cannot grow your own tree, buying the Moringa leaf powder is the next best thing. Growing your own trees, is by far the best way to guarantee the freshest product. So just wanted you all to realize my heart in bringing you these blogs.

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Moringa and Pregnancy: 

One of my readers ask me about taking Moringa when you are pregnant and nursing. If you are taking Moringa without added ingredients, it is food. Moringa is considered the Tree Of Life, because it can sustain life. It is one of the few plants that contains Calcium, Iron, Protein, All Eight Amino Acids and other nutrients. It is a super food. In many health projects, working to end starvation,  where mothers and their babies are dying as I write this, Moringa Leaves are helping to save lives. It is being given to mothers to help build up their bodies, to support healthy milk flow, and to babies after weaning to give them nutrition. So Moringa is great to eat during pregnancy, and during nursing. Moringa heals by providing the body with super charged nutrition so that you are strong and healthy. It can boost your nutrition even when you eat well. Everyday, I drink Moringa tea and we put the fresh leaves in our salads. I am drying the leaves when we have too many. I hope that answers your questions on that subject.

Moringa and Wasting Diseases:

Moringa is also very beneficial in cancer and wasting diseases to give the patient strength to fight the disease. It also helps by giving support to the immune system and the whole body. It has been shown in AIDS projects that Moringa leaves gives those patients the nutrition to fight off the infections that go along with AIDS. It does not cure AIDS but helps in keeping them alive longer and able to do more for themselves.

Boosting The Immune Function: The body has inherent systems for fighting off infections and disease, but it needs those functions to be in good shape. Most people whether it  is starvation in some countries to our junk-food diet here in America, have poor immune function. You cannot get sick unless your immune system is down. If it is overworking, you get autoimmune diseases like arthritis. If it is under-working you get colds, flu, disease, or cancer. You need your immune function to work as was intended-with balance.

  • Junk food, sugar, caffeine, fast food does not help your immune function. 

  • You need to eat healthy and exercise as well. 

  • Sitting in front of a computer all day does not help your health or immune function.

I walk our dogs twice a day. At 60, I was up this morning tarring the roof. My husband had to work, and mornings are one of the only times in the day to do the work. The wind blew 3 panels off our shed yesterday. So up I went up to the roof this morning. That is not too bad for 60. Working in the garden is what I do for a break when I am on the computer too long.

You need balance in life including laughter. When times are this rough, you need to find something to laugh about. Humor gives your stress level a break. I say that being mostly German, and all too serious. I didn't learn to laugh until I was grown. It took a lot to get there. I still have to work at it. I did something smart in my later life, and married a man with a great sense of humor. He is extending my life with that quality alone. Giving of yourself to others also helps immune function.

I will go more into how to boost the immune function in more ways in another blog

By for now......Kate, The Herbladyisin

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  1. I like to start gardening of moringa in tropical Africa but I have no any experience of gardening in tropical Africa. Please any experienced can guide me to plant moringa in tropidcal Africa.

  2. How come I week after starting to take moringa, I started having health issues I didn't have before?

  3. Hi, I am not sure where you got the product? The quality of products makes a huge difference in the results. You did not say what the problem was. It is possible to have an allergy to a product...any product no matter how good it is. It is also possible that when taking herbs or new foods...you could have a stomach upset or loose stools. Moringa does have some herbal properties that could stimulate the body to expel toxins. Without further information I cannot answer this question any better. I would go to a different brand of product from a different company perhaps. Again I have no idea where you got the product. Not all companies selling Moringa powder have a good product. This is so for any herbal product. Write me personally at herbladyisin@yahoo.com if you want more of an answer.

  4. Hello, I would like to know if moringa is safe for my little girl. She's just two weeks old.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi, in countries where babies and mothers are starving, they use Moringa leaf powder as food for the mom and as a cereal for the baby. In your case, I would suggest you eat it to improve your health. If you are breastfeeding, be aware that any food you eat can upset your babies tummy. Moringa is a food...very nutritious...but still a food. If you are bottle feeding and the baby is well, I would wait until your baby starts eating solids. Then add a tsp of Moringa Powder to the baby food or add to their bottle. At two weeks old, I would stay with plain formula.

  6. Does moringa have any effect on fibroids?

  7. I am pennant startedtaking moringa and I don't have morning sickness at all is that normal