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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Grow Moringa Trees? What The Big Deal?

Hi Folks,

I came from a background where my mother survived the depression. My mother and her family made it through those rough years by raising chickens, growing their own food, and really roughing it. Often times, they ate popcorn for a meal. Today, there are many families with children that are not eating three meals or even two at times. Their most nutritious meal is eaten at school with free lunch program for those who qualify. There are many mothers or young parents with kids who are working low end jobs. They do not make enough to eat well. Thousands are out of jobs and losing their homes. Times are going to get even more difficult in the coming years with climate disasters and world disasters such as in Japan. This is not the end but the beginning of harder times. Most of us in this generation have no clue on what our parents faced in the depression. We are learning as time goes on. My husband and I moved to Mina for many reasons including being able to live on his retirement with more ease. We also found peace and a less stressful life. It was also to be more self sufficient for the future.

You need to think about doing what ever you can, to be self sufficient. I believe in being prepared for emergencies. Growing Moringa trees is part of that plan. They are part of growing your own food for survival. You can grow them outdoors, in a green house, or in your home if you have a sunny window, porch, or other area. They can be grown as a once a year crop or year round source of organic leaves for tea or salads. They are beautiful when in leaf, have beautiful edible flowers and pods. I am not even selling the trees or seeds at this point, so I have no alternative motive for trying to get you to grow them. I believe they are part of an overall plan of self sufficiency. I will be talking about this topic in other blogs. You need to be taking steps from having water on hand to having emergency food available. If you are short of money, do a little at a time, as you can.

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When I first met my husband he was a city guy with a condo. I was a country girl who hated condos. Now we live in Mina, Nevada and he is building a green house and chicken coop. When he lived in his condo, I started tomotoes in containers and a composting worm bed. He thought I was crazy for awhile but then slowly he realized the value of all of it. His path from condo guy to country man was a few years but he got there. We would not be married now, if he had not made that change. I am very proud of him and his getting country new roots. You can grown veggies and Moringa on patios, or small yards. I have done it all at times. It is worth your while and will be necessary sooner or later.

Keep reading this blog and learning why and how to be more self sufficient and healthy. It is a path you won't forget. I made a decision this week. I resigned from writing at Associated Content for their paid position. You can still submit your own articles and get paid at times for your work, but not with weekly assignments. I had been put into a niche of 'womens health' with only a conservative slant. I could not write alternative medicine and womens health articles. I have written over 200 articles for them. They are good articles but some are not written from the heart. When I began writing, I felt the good Lord wanted me to write what I believed and what was important. I do have some of those articles published. But for the past 6 months, I have written mainly for the beat....the conservative beat. I was not writing articles I wanted to write, but those that would be accepted by the editorial staff. Along with running out of topics, I was not doing what I need to do for what is intended for my life. So I will be writing articles for this blog and my other blog. I want freedom to write the truth on subjects that need to be explored and thrown out for view. I will be adding articles to both blogs two or three times weekly.

So do come back to see what is next. Bye for now.

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Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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  • At September 16, 2011 at 9:16 PM , Anonymous Moringa said...

    I make powder from crushed moringa leaves, and I am wondering how long is that powder good for before it starts losing its nutritional value. If anyone knows then please tell me..


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