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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Update On The Straw Bale Garden

Hi Friends,

Well the garden is going gang busters. We have our first tomatoes and one cucumber. The plants are very healthy in all three growing mediums:  hay bales, tire container, and 33 gal trash cans.

There are lots of blooms and fruit. It is interesting that here in the desert, there are not many bees. It seems that the wind and other insects take over the job of pollenating the veggies.

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You must water and water everyday in the straw bales. It also would have been better if we had started earlier. Several of the bales that were in really good shape took much longer to decompose. They must decompose before you plant in them. Otherwise the bale will steal the nutrients away from the plant. I must say my lavender is also very happy planted in the bale. The only plant that seems not be doing well is the comfrey plant. I may have to move that one. So overall, I can say I will plant again next year this way.

I removed the boxes that were originally around the plants for wind protection. I used branches from a fallen tree for tomato stakes.  It worked very well. I hope you enjoy the pictures. We used an old gate as you can see and some tires to make wind blocks on that side.

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