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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mina- A Micro Culture Of Life and Flavors

Hi Folks,

Knowing Your Neighbors is pretty cool!

This morning when walking our dogs, we met some neighbors who offered us some advice on keeping young plants from being ruined by the fierce winds. I might add we were told today the fierce winds are the most intense in 25 years. It goes along with all the strange weather patterns all over the world. She had some wonderful bushes that she offered me cuttings for. This is one of the gifts here in Mina is people who share with you willingly their knowledge and skills. We went to another neighbor who had some left over straw bales for my garden. He didn't charge me and helped us load them. Here is this tiny town, people help each other. Its part of Mina's personality. There are many diverse personalities here, all seeking to find freedom to be themselves. They just want to live their lives quietly. They want you to move in with a quiet footprint. They don't want you to change things, or tell them how to run their lives. They don't want you to ask too many questions, unless they feel like talking. They want you to blend in, not change their world here.

Lots Of  Life In Mina!

There is lots of life in Mina. There is a VFW that you can have fun with even if you don't drink. There are neighbor get-togethers at times. People meet for coffee at the one restaurant in the mornings. One neighbor works everyday in the Mina's graveyard to weed, put flowers out, and water. There are no funds to have it done by the county. Mina is a mix of old mining building that are old and falling down and new property being developed. There is one side of town that has some really nice new manufactured homes and wonderful, creative yards. You have to see all of Mina, to really understand it. Even the old buildings are unique and interesting. They give a rustic, old world, flavor to the town. What you see with driving through is not really Mina. It is your preconceived idea about it. You need to live here for awhile. You can take your high rents, water bills, and malls and we will take Mina. I will put some pictures up soon so you can see some of its unique flavor. Today we saw the wild horses for the first time, that frequent the area. There was a beautiful, striking black one in the herd of 5. I was too far away to get a picture. We have wild burros that visit as well. I am told they will be more visible in town in the fall. Life is very present in the Nevada mountains.

The next post will be on the Moringa trees and their dormant nature. I have had two people write, that they thought their trees were dead.  I will address this issue in the next blog.  Have a great Wednesday evening.
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

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