Thursday, June 9, 2011

Growing Moringa Trees in the House in Severe Winter Areas

Hi Friends,

Some of you reading this blog may live in a climate zone where growing Moringa trees in the ground won't work. If you have hard freezes, severe winters, the cold will kill the tree. There are alternatives for growing them. Where we have moved to in Mina, Nevada, I now have that same problem. So here are answers for you folks:

Moringa Oleifera Horseradish MIRACLE TREE 50 seeds

#1:  Grow them in 33 gallon trash cans on wheels. Put in plenty of drainage holes. In the summer wheel them outside and in the winter wheel them into your greenhouse, garage, or enclosed patio or porch. They will go dormant but they will live. When they reach 5 feet top them off. You want the leaves where you can reach them. It will not hurt the tree to top it off.

#2:  If you have a sunny living room or warm, sunny enclosed porch you may be able to keep them going all year long. It depends on how warm the area is. My babies in our living room windows are growing like weeds. They are in long 5 gallon tree containers. They will have to moved to twenty gallon containers before the summer is over. By then I can take them outside until winter.

#3: Winter program amounts to hauling them into your greenhouse, shed, or other areas where it will not freeze. You just have to be willing to move them around depending on the time of year. Insulate the trunks with newspaper or other material. Mulch the root area as well with 6 inches of shredded newspaper.

Do NOT try to keep them in anything less than a 20 gal after they are three feet to four feet tall. They like room for their long tap root. They need depth rather than width. Black plastic tree containers which are over two  feet long seem to be a good choice to grow the trees in until they are three to four feet tall. 

#4:  If you do not want to keep them indoors during the winter months, they really grow fast. If you start them in the house in Jan or Feb, they will be big enough in May or June to give you leaves for your salads and tea. If you raise 4 to 5 of the trees, you can use them all summer and fall. You would treat them as a crop that you replant each year.  I would hate to do that with mine but it is one way to use the trees. Once you top them when winter is near, they will not need sunlight because they will go dormant. You will have to water them off and on.

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As you can see I have lot of leaves for our salads and tea. Use the Moringa leaves in combination with your home grown lettuce, spinach, and tomatoes. It is so chock full of nutrition that it will be a meal in itself. When you use your own ingredients picked from your own garden, you know that it is clean and where it came from. You know it is the freshest product and you save money with your own produce. I get great joy in watching my trees reward me their pure, high quality nutritious leaves.

I will keep you informed of my efforts to grow the trees year round in the house. I have large ones that will be kept in the greenhouse. I hope to keep them in leaves year round by this method.

Update: we now live in Indian Mound, TN

Buy USDA Organic Certified Moringa Powder, Tea, and Capsules from Ecuador. The products are tested and shipped from a US/GMP compliant lab in Connecticut. 

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Bye for now! Kate


  1. Kate, I want to grow Moringa tree in my house just for the nutritional leaves for tea and salads. Love your idea to grow in 33 gallon trash cans w/wheels. Will go to Home Depot and get. May I contact you for help until my trees are up and thriving? I live in Mississippi. Vivian B

  2. It's good if you plant one moringa tree in your house. It is so beneficial, Moringa oil is used in a variety of products including anti-aging creams, massage oils, hair care products, face creams, bath soaps and gels, perfumes and deodorants. But it has the anti-aging properties of the oil that makes this sought out by many.


  3. Moringa are best for health and cosmetic products. I want to start my nursery for moringa. Have anyone has moringa seeds to trade, please contact me.

  4. The problem with all Moringa seeds, powder, and caps is customs and the FDA. There is no guarantee that your product will get to you. I learned that losing a $400 dollar order in 2010. I ended up being $1000 dollars in the hole with the red tape created by the FDA and customs.

    1. That is unfortunate. You can purchase them from ECHO in Fort Myers Florida. They grow them there.

      Its maybe $20 for a large bag of seeds, $4 for a small package, and $4 for a young seedling. I'm not sure if they send it, I purchased them there in their store after a very good tour of the facility.

  5. Nice comparision of moringa species

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