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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Growing Herbs and Moringa In the High Desert

Strawberries grown in ammunition boxes from the Hawthorne Army Salvage site.

Well its a nice day in Mina, Nevada. Mina is home to wild horses, burros, and some of the greatest people in Nevada. The winds have been calmer the past three days and that really helps.

In making plans for our greenhouse project, we now realize we will need a shade house too for more fragile plants. We have a 20 by 60 shed parallel to our house. It has plastic over some parts of it to let in light. It served as a greenhouse and workshop for my husband.  Yesterday even with the doors open it got to 100 degrees in there. I had been writing an article all morning and needed a break, so checked on the plants. Some of the mint were wilting. I then realized that the shed would not work for summer. I hauled all the plants out under the carport to give them some cooler shade. We just enclosed the back of it to cut off the fierce winds from the north.  They revived but it takes less than a day to kill your plants in the Nevada dry heat with winds.  So now the greenhouse will be part shade house and more greenhouse.

As we live here, you must alter your ideas as you go. In the houses here that have nice yards, you will notice they create micro-climates under trees or patio walls for wind protection. Since all the trees are dead are this property, we must create shade . I am testing several different plants in the yard areas. I need to know more on survival with the elements. If we are going to sell plants in the future, I need to be able to tell them how and where they will grow best. I brought some plants here that may or may not survive. I will know by next spring how that works. The Moringa will be in the greenhouse and in the enclosed porch off the living room. If they come back next spring after the rough winter, I will know how to work with them in this high desert climate. Moringa trees love hot weather but not the cold and winds. We are building a wind wall on both the north and south sides to help protect plants. Since all this is theory, we are designing the walls so we can revise them or do something else next year. It is a trial and experiment first year.

All areas have their climate challenges. You must keep trying new methods until you find what works. I love Mina and its quiet life style. We live in town but I can still have my nursery and chickens. Doves frequent our yard and we have a beautiful pigeon that comes to keep me company in the late afternoon. She hangs out as I feed her, then she goes back home. We have neighbors but its live and let live. If we need to leave town, our neighbors will come to water and feed the animals. They will keep a eye out for problems. If our little Laso who likes to escape, runs away, he is easy to find. Its peace of heart in rural Mina, Nevada.

Signing off, Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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