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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Help, My Moringa Tree Looks Dead

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Good Morning,

I have received two calls this week by people who think their trees are dead. The Moringa tree loves hot weather. It thrives on temperatures in the 80's and above. It does not like cold and they will freeze.

Moringa Trees Are Warm Weather Trees: If your winters get below 70 degrees, they will lose all their leaves and look like dead sticks. They will stay that way until the weather is warm. Then you will see tiny buds emerge out of the trunk. I have 4 big ones in 33 gallon trash cans, 3 in 20 gal containers, and several babies in 5 gal containers. The babies are in the house and in front of our sunny windows. They have all leafed out and are growing slowly. Two of the biggest trees just now have buds, and two in the 20 gal containers have buds. Three have no sign of life yet.

One way to tell if they are dead or resting is to feel the root ball. If the root ball is hard, its alive still. The trunks toward the root will have a green tinge to them and if you cut the limbs, you will see green. Do not give up on them until another two months when warm temperatures are consistent.

Don't Let Their Feet Stay Wet:   Here in Mina, it snowed the other day. The temperatures have been up and down. Give them time and water them even when they look dead. Don't overwater them either or leave them with wet feet. They are subject to root rot. Make sure they are in well draining soil or in a container that drains well. That is extremely important.

Protection During A Cold Spell: If you get a cold spell, wrap the truck with newspaper and mulch the root area. Put a plastic bag over the top. They can be frozen down to the root and sometimes come back. If you are in an area where it freezes, they should be grown in a green house or sunny porch or in the house. If you have had hard freezes, your tree may be dead. They are warm weather lovers.

The pictures above is what my sleeping Moringa trees look like. They had a real rough time moving up here in the back of our truck. The winds were so bad it was pulling them up out of the containers. I will know in two months if these are ok. The roots are solid so that is a good sign. You will have to be patient with me. I am learning how to use Picasa to upload these pictures. This is my first try.
Kate Freer

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