Saturday, June 4, 2011

Challenges of Growing In the Nevada High Desert

Good Morning,

I hope you all will have a great weekend. Here instead of the surf being up, the wind is up again today.

The winds blow from all directions here and the wind severity have been the worst here in 25 years. I learned that from one of the locals. There is wind here but normally it is not constant, day after day.

I have started my straw bale garden between the house and the 20 by 60 foot shed that is parallel. We are going to cover the area between the two structures with a frame covered with heavy duty clear plastic. This was a great idea except we realized yesterday we must block off both sides from the nasty winds. If we don't we will have one great wind tunnel, which is already a problem. We have the hay bales in between the two structures for some wind protection. Only three are planted in at this point. The rest of the bales won't be ready to plant in until the 10th of the month. We had to alter the method he instructs, because of the winds. Each plant must be protected initially from the wind.

Since I have a ton of moving boxes left over. I decided to use those. You set the box with the bottom cut out down over the hay bale, then make a large hole in the bale for the plant and set the plant in. You then fill in with potting soil, then a layer of straw to conserve moisture. Using packing boxes does not look fancy to say the least. If this method works, we will build wood boxes for this purpose next year. This is a first year experiment.

I have put some pictures up to show you what I have been discussing.

Kate Freer , the Herbladyisin

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