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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why Do People Move To Mina, Nevada?

Hi Friends,

This blog comes from sunny, windy, rugged Mina, Nevada!

Interestingly enough, their are more former California residents here than from any other state. Perhaps it is the high rents, rules and regulations, water restrictions, political atmosphere, traffic, and general annoyances.  People were tired of California and its high price to live there, so they moved to Mina for freedom.

How People End Up In Mina: Most people found Mina when they were on vacation because of the hundreds of miles of space to explore with their 4 wheelers. Since most of the population is middle aged, they wanted to retire where they could keep some of their savings and live within their means. I know that is a odd thought. Most Americans are living above what they can afford. Most people now cannot afford to retire. So Mina is a place to move to that is affordable. One of the reasons we are here. My husband is retired. You have to have a certain mindset to move and live here. If you are a shopper, Mina is not the place. The nearest Walmart is three hours away. The nearest grocery store is in Hawthorne, 33 miles away. You learn to be efficient when you shop. It is amazing how many things you think you need until its three hours to buy it.

Living Slower with Less Stress: When I grew up in the small town of Julian, in the local mountains above San Diego, we went to Escondido once a month. We went to San Diego, 60 miles away, twice a year. I grew up living that way. Mom kept a store of extra food in the bedroom closet of all the essentials. She shopped with a list and a complete one. I loved growing up in Julian. I did not grow up shopping at the malls. I rode my bike, my horse and worked on writing stories and science papers. I did not feel deprived at all.

Living in Mina is like it was when I grew up. We have no traffic, no freeways, very few town rules, no water rules. peace and quiet, very little crime, no murders or rapes, and we can safely walk the dogs after dark. Nevada has low property taxes, no state income taxes, and less red tape. What is best is people let people be here. People who come to Mina just want to live their life without a lot of interference and problems. They cherish their freedom. They cherish their right to have a nice yard, a messy yard, collect cars, collect heavy equipment, or raise chickens within the city limits. I have the right to have a business out of my home here with very low business permit fees. People here work in Hawthorne, Reno, and Carson. Some of them do odd jobs, work on the roads, or mines. You don't realize any of that until you live here. Most of the internet articles portray Mina as a ghost town with no life. A hole in the desert where no one would want to live. That is not so and its sad, that is not represented in its true light. So in these first posts, I want to give you a different view. After two months here, we will stay and get a nursery going. To stay will be our choice at this point.

Signing Off from beautiful, Mina, Nevada! God Bless you all! Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

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