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Monday, May 30, 2011

Mina? Is This Really Your Will God

Hi Friends,

Today I will continue the story of our journey here to Nevada. The first two weeks here was overwhelming. Junk everywhere and everything needed to be cleaned out, reorganized, and redone to move our stuff into the house and 20 by 60 shed. The shed was to become my husband's workshop and part green house. In the far end of the shed is where our worm beds will be raised. It is dark there, warm, and a good place for them to be protected. I still deeply missed the green hills and landscape of our old property. I missed all the trees and natural growing herbs. There were huge natural growing elderberries all over the property. I still felt devastated inside with the move.

We all have choices in life ---to feel joy despite our circumstances or to be sad. 

One day, I asked myself,  am I going to be mad, bitter, and angry or make our dreams work here. I had a choice. I decided I would redo things here even with the challenging winds and desert soil. We did have cheap water and no restrictions which was a great blessing. It was a turning point in the journey.

We have become better friends with Jeff and Susan. As we walk the dogs each day, we met new people who are so very nice. I began to see the beauty in the stark mountains with their colors of brown but I was still holding on to the past.

It took another two weeks, but one morning I looked up and to my shock, I said these mountains are beautiful. My husband laughed at me. How far I had come in a month from crying to appreciating the gift of Mina. Some places hide their beauty initially. They wait until your mind and eyes are ready to see the gifts. This was the awakening of certain realizations of why we were brought here. None of it was accident or chance

In the next blogs, I will put up the now pictures before we create our dream here. I want you to see what can be done with faith, patience and work. I want you to get to know Mina and the many gifts this town does have to offer. I want you to realize with faith, God does provide for your needs. I am starting a straw bale garden. I will have pictures of the steps and the results. Its all a grand experiment in this new land. It is a journey of faith and growth.

God Bless you,  Kate Freer

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