Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hi Folks,
I am selling this product by way of Amazon right now. The last shipment I bought from India was held up by the FDA and cost me $1000 in customs charges and FDA red tape. The FDA said that because the Indian websites put health claims on their websites, that Moringa powder was then an unapproved drug. Their compliance demands would have cost thousands. In the end there was nothing I could do to comply with their complaint. I lost the package and could not take it out of the customs office. I know the product is a great product. It is also cost effective. It does not have organic certification. It is almost impossible to get organic certified product through the FDA system. Again, I have taken this product myself and it is quality. This is why I am offering it through Amazon sales. I don't have to deal with the FDA. I have been asked often, what is a good product and this is the only one I know personally about.

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