Monday, September 20, 2010

Dental Infections Caused From Dental Work Can Be Deadly


If you have infected gums,  it is a dangerous problem. The infection in your mouth can be carried by the blood stream and lymph glands to your brain, your heart, and kidneys. It is a problem that can cause a hospital visit.

I have an older friend. He is in his late 60's. He had a mouth infection already, then went in for dental work. The dentist did not give him antibiotics and he did not take any herbs such as goldenseal or Oregano. The next day his face was swollen and he began vomiting. Two weeks later he is still in the hospital with a rampant systemic blood infection. He has a stomach tube and trach as well. He is critical and nearly died. This is something, all should be aware of before submitting to dental work...even cleaning. When dental work is done,  bacteria is flushed into the system as they work on your mouth. If you have a poor immune system, this can be deadly.

Fortify your immune system before and for a week after with:
Oregano or Goldenseal 4 times a day,  1000 to 2000 Vitamin C daily, and 1000 units ofVitamin D

Do not assume your dentist is going to protect you.....its up to you to do it!  People often get sick after dental work and just let it go. It is just something they think is part of the visit. It is not. Let your dentist know you got sick after his dental work.  If you nearly died, as my friend, sue them. They should not get away with  that kind of care. With the new system, people are run through dental work like cattle. You are just another patient coming through. It is up to the patient to stand up against this kind of treatment.

God Bless Your Week all,
Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

By the way, the name change is because I got married.
I have been for years Kate Clifton, The Herbladyisin

Update: it is now 2015 and we now live in Indian Mound, Tn.  Our anniversary is next month and the years have fled by. I love my husband now more so than the day we got married. It was one of the best decisions in my life. He is a keeper. 

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