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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Down Side of Coffee -Withdrawal Migraines

Years ago I drank coffee until it caused an ulcer. I have drunk coffee in almost 15 years. For those of you who do not consider it an addiction, I challenge you to stop drinking it for 3 days. I say this after visiting my friend who I really care about but who drinks about 6 cups a day. She takes an Excedrin at 3 am because it has caffeine and it staves off a caffeine withdrawal headache. 

Well she called me this morning to ask if I would give her some help. She took her Excedrin at 4 am and then experienced burning pain in her stomach. I had warned her often about how hard that stuff is on her stomach. Since she had stomach pain, she couldn't drink her coffee. Within a couple of hours she had a blinding headache, was sick at her stomach, and had been throwing up. She was in a full coffee-caused migraine. I did what I could but at this stage nothing helped her. I looked in on her over the day and this evening she is still sick with a blinding headache. 

Coffee and pain relievers are all acid and hard on the stomach lining. Taking coffee and Excedrin on a empty stomach is an assault on your digestive system. You can end up in the hospital with an ulcer and bleeding in the stomach. Sooner or later your stomach is going to give you pain.

So what can you do to get off coffee. The easiest method is gradually over several weeks. Each week, drop a half cup until you get down to one or two cups. If you can cut it out entirely, that is even better. There are some herbal formulations that contain slippery elm and wild yam. These herbs help to coat the irritated stomach lining and help heal it. Drink green tea instead.

What can you do to wake up in the morning? I hit the shower first. That is my blessing to start the day. I then go out and feed my chickens and check out the hummingbirds. The next step is to walk the dogs who are dancing around the living room to get going. When I get home I make a drink either cold or hot with liquid green tea, licorice, gotu kola, and a bit of honey. These are all liquid extracts. The only thing I add to this is a Moringa tea bag. This drink really helps me get going without caffeine.  Its a mind set to do these things to get me going versus coffee. 

I challenge you to cut back your coffee for better health.

God Bless you all!
Kate, The Herbladyisin

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