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Gary Null Speaks Out Against Vaccinations

Gary Null Speaks Out Against Vaccine Industry [1/3] - NYS State Assembly

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Gary Null gives impassioned rivetting testimony against the false beliefs about vaccines and their (non)safety (including swine flu vaccine & normal flu vaccine), vaccine makers, the CDC and the FDA, alleging crimes against humanity by the medical and profit-motivated pharmaceutical industry, and scientific fraud, at the New York State Assembly Hearing 13th October 2009. Gary holds a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health science. He is a health and nutrition expert, alternative medicine and natural healing advocate, and author of several books and documentaries such as "Vaccine Nation", and "Preventing and Reversing Cancer Naturally" Website:

Gary Null Speaks Out Against Vaccinations

Gary Null gives impassioned rivetting testimony against the false beliefs about vaccines and their (non)safety (including swine flu vaccine & normal flu vaccine), vaccine makers, the CDC and the FDA, alleging crimes against humanity by the medical and profit-motivated pharmaceutical industry, and scientific fraud, at the New York State Assembly Hearing 13th October 2009. Gary holds a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health science. He is a health and nutrition expert, alternative medicine and natural healing advocate, and author of several books and documentaries such as "Vaccine Nation", and "Preventing and Reversing Cancer Naturally" Website:

FDA Silences and Threatens Alternative Medicine Over The HINI Flu Virus

Right now our government is using threats and attacks to silence alternative medicine on the H1N1 Flu  virus.  There is evidence in the links contained in this article to prove this statement without a doubt.

The doctors and healers in alternative medicine know that there are herbs and herbal formulas that do work against bacteria, virus, and flu. Herbs work on several different levels both actually destroying the flu or cold bug and boosting the immune system to both prevent and stop the flu in its tracks.  

Just because the flu is out there, does not mean you will get sick. It is your immune system that is not working no matter what kind of illness that’s out there.  Flu, cancer, disease, and colds all are a problem of poor immune function. If your immune function is compromised, you are at risk period. 

There are hundreds of double blind studies to back up this statement. Many governments spent billions of dollars on herb research.These quality double blind research studies document the success of herbs against some of the toughest bugs including staph, strep, salmonella, and flu bugs. 

There are many doctors speaking out about the problems with the flu vaccine so review them.  At the end of this article I am posting UTUBE videos and Dr. Mercola’s links.  He explains in many of his newsletters why you should not get the flu vaccine, and what you can do to prevent getting sick.  Before you get the shot, inform yourself on this subject first, then make a decision. 

FDA Threats and Attacks

The FDA and AMA have been threatening doctors who speak out against the vaccine with lawsuits, actions against their clinics, threats to take their license, and harassment.  This has been going on for years but these attacks have heightened with the HiNi flu controversy.   Any site or doctor who tries to give you information on how to use alternative medicine for both prevention and treatment of the flu  is ending up on the FDA hit list.  

You need to go to this FDA page link at the end of this article to see for yourself. The majority of companies and products are immune support products.  Any reference to the products ability to prevent or treat flu symptoms will be just cause to get named on the FDA hit list. The FDA will shut down those companies and products, unless they comply with the FDA rules.   The FDA does not want you to know anything other than you should get the flu shot.  They are blatantly  stopping your right to this knowledge.  Our rights our being violated by the actions of the FDA and AMA. 

Why the FDA wants to silence alternative medicine.

The sale of herbal formulas in this country does not make the pharmaceutical companies much money because of the low cost. Drug sales make them trillions of dollars, and they have a patient for life.  In Europe right now most herbs are available only by prescription and are very costly. They are regulated now in most of Europe by the pharmaceutical companies.  Here low cost herbs are a competition to their profit.  Your health is not their first priority-their profit margin is.

Do you realize the billions of dollars are tied up in the production of vaccines for both the companies who produce the vaccine and the government? We are talking power and money.  The information on HINI is being corrupted by the government to make it worse than it is.  Furthermore, they  are silencing anyone who stands up against them.  This is how we lose our rights and end up with laws and rules that destroy our freedom to live and make healthcare choices. 

You may not believe me, so I challenge you to visit the links below to read for yourself how our government is striking down alternative medicine knowledge that could prevent you from getting sick and help you to get well.  Research these topics and think for yourself.  Don’t take information from anywhere without researching both sides of the issues.  There are many doctors who are making a stand against the flu vaccine and for good reason.  You need to start questioning, researching, and refuse to follow blindly on the HINI controversy.

FDA Hit list:  This is their public statement for you to view:

If you reference your product to the HINI virus in any way, you are considered a criminal, and they will go after your business or license:

Other Links on this subject:

Dr. Mercola’s page on the HINI controversy:  Read all the articles on this page before you get a flu shot:

Scientists who designed the vaccine who don’t support it:

This group continually takes alternative medicine to court on lawsuits.  They attack alternative medicine with most of the lawsuits being thrown out in court: 
This mans main goal is to silence alternative medicine:

This is the United States not a communist country but if we do not stand up for our rights to freedom of speech and freedom to information, we will soon lose it.  

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Moringa Tree Leaves: How to Use Them and Grow Them In Your Area

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Last blog I talked on the powerhouse of nutrition found in Moringa leaves. Moringa is a tree grown in countries like Asia but is now being planted here in the US as well.  This tree is new even to nurseries. You will not find it at Home Depot or in any of the plant outlets at this time. I bought my seeds online to get mine started. I would wait until Spring to get them started unless you have a greenhouse or you want to raise them in the house as I am doing.  

Ok, Fresh Moringa Leaves have got great nutrition but how do you use them? I have never heard of this tree.

The great thing about Moringa leaves is they taste great in salads mixed in with all your regular greens or in a salad by themself.  The leaves taste similar to spinach but different.  So use Moringa leaves in any dish you would use spinach. The leaves are a great topper for Pizza or in scrambled eggs or omelets. You put them in at the end so that you maintain the most nutritional content.

Moringa Tea is delicious!

Moringa leaves make a  great tea and is also good combined with green tea or Ginko tea. Just steep the leaves for about 20-30 min or so before you drink it. Strain the leaves out and then add your other tea. 

Grow a couple of trees and constantly pick fresh, organic power packed leaves.  The tree quickly grows back more leaves so it does not hurt the tree at all. The tree will get up to 5 feet the first year. You cut it back at the top to keep it within range of picking. It is indeed a tree of life. 

Areas That Can Grow the Moringa Tree:

If you live in areas that only have mild frosts, the tree will die back but green out again in spring.  In areas where there is hard winter weather, it would have to be brought into  house or greenhouse in winter.  In areas such as Arizona, Florida and parts of Southern California such as El Centro the tree will keep its leaves all year long.  If kept in the house, it needs a lot of sun or a plant light to keep it healthy. It also must be put into a huge planter box such as a 25 gallon or large trashcan with wheels. It has to be in soil that drains well.  If it does not get proper drainage it will die. It has a long tap root so needs depth more than volume.

San Diego County Area: Spring Valley to be exact.

I have 20 little trees in my kitchen and the temperature is colder than 70 degrees at night. They are holding their own, not losing leaves but growing very slowly. I have to use a plant light on them for several hours a day.  If you have a warm room with 8 hours of sunlight, they would grow better.  Mine are still in small containers.  They will probably need to be moved into larger ones next month. If you allow them to get root bound, they will die. There is a large tap root that quickly grows to the bottom.

Tomorrow I will go into some of the healing benefits of the Moringa and how it is used in Asia and Thailand by the people. In those countries, it is eaten everyday and part of the diet. They use it in a number of dishes that unless you are from that country, you probably have never experienced the food.  I will also explain how to use the dried powder as well.  The powder has more nutrition in it then even the leaves.

If you have an Asian market like Sea Food City here where they sell Asian foods and vegetables, ask the produce manager for Malunggay ( ma-lung-gai ) (phonetic sound).  These markets carry so many unusual vegetables, meats, fish, and foods that you will have a hard time finding it without help.  You need to use the leaves within 4 days or dry them to use as tea or in oatmeal.

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Buy USDA Organic Certified Moringa Powder, Tea, and Capsules from Ecuador. The products are tested and shipped from a US/GMP compliant lab in Connecticut. 

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Moringa-The Miracle Tree Of Life

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I am an herbalist and herb gardener. This year we are finally in  a place and position to start my medicinal herb garden. It is important I feel with the cost of commercial products and events in the future, to have your own herb garden. It depends on the climate zone and area which kinds of medicinal herbs you can grow. I live in San Diego where the climate is mild and there is no snow or freezing weather. We do have frosts at times but not severe ones.  No matter where you live, you can grow herbs. Growing herbs is great for stress and gives joy to the mind and heart. It is also good for your family and their health as well.

We moved on to this present property less than 6 months ago and this will be our first winter. We have healthy Avacado Trees on this property so that says it does does freeze much here. We are located on a hill.  I have some natives that I just bought including two Elderberry,  two Manzanita,  two Strawberry Vines, mints, olives, and Moringa at this moment. There are all babies in large containers that I bought recently. They will stay in the containers until spring and warmer weather. We have an enclosed porch to protect all of them but the Moringa Trees.

The Moringa Trees are my most important trees in the group. They are hanging out in my kitchen all winter where there is the best sunlight. There are 20 of them from several inches to 16 inches high. They will lose their leaves when temperatures drop under 70 degrees. Haven't heard of them? Don't feel bad, most Americans have not. They are native to certain areas of Asia, Africa, Indonesia, South and Central America.  They are called by a different name in each country. You may find them with the search words, Moringa, Horseradish Tree, Ma-rum, Malunggay, and many more.

Why should you care? The tree is easy to grow, hard to kill, and is a fantastic powerhouse of food and medicine value.  You can eat the leaves fresh in a salad like spinach. You can dry the leaves for even greater nutritional value. the flowers and seed pods are also eaten.

Fresh Moringa leaves contain 7 times the Vitamin C of Oranges; 4 times the Calcium of milk; 3 times the potassium of Bananas; 2 times the protein of yogurt; 4 times the Vitamin A of carrots; and 3/4 the iron of spinach.  The leaves contain protein so is a vegetarian option for part of their protein needs.

Dried Moringa Leaf powder contain 1/2 the Vitamin C of Oranges; 17 times the Calcium of Milk; 15 times the potassium of bananas; 9 times the protein of yogurt; and 25 times the Vitamin A of carrots.   This is an incredible food source.

This tree is being used in projects around the world to end starvation.

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