Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Effect of Grief and Death On Life and Writing; RIP Commander Freer

The last blog I published was in Feb when my father-in-law was going down with chronic leukemia in the final stage and worsening dementia. We brought him here to TN in 2015 to live with us here. He had lost his ability to tell scam from reality but could still play an awesome golf game. He could still remember his stories from being a hotshot pilot over 26 years.  He still only used a cane with eyesight and teeth intact at 94.  He was abusing alcohol over those 26 years and diet. He was a man who loved to eat and drink and play golf.  His negative blood work was considered alcohol and diet related. He was a man who wanted everything his way or the highway.  His father was a pistol to take care of and I became his caregiver more than my husband. He treated most men including my husband as under his regimen. He was a harsh man who demanded his way.  I took him off the booze, improved his diet, took him to golf weekly involving an hour trip one way. I knew it was questionable how much good I could do at this point but I am a healer and it was worth every effort  to give it my best.

His labs did not improve with his white and red counts dropping. A visit to an oncologist gave us a diagnosis about September 2017 of chronic leukemia in the final stage. That was a shock since his San Diego doctors has chocked it up to drinking.  They dropped two drugs being given to him for cholesterol control since he was dying and they can affect blood counts.  His lab results begin improving bit by bit which gave us some hope.  He had been taking a series of drugs for 25 years so taking him off most of these drugs at 94 was not an option. The doctors did eliminate the two but kept him on the rest. He was dying so what did it now matter.

They gave him 6 to 9 months to live with no treatment options because of his age and health from drinking.  They gave me the option of trying alternative medicine on him which he  refused other than vitamins and some herbs to help with memory. He fought me every step.

In Jan of this year,  I began to see his energy failing and his balance failing as he struggled to play 9 holes that very last time. His memory was going too. He was beginning to get infections and symptoms of the end stage of the disease. He refused to talk about it and I ended up going from 4 hours a day to 24 hours a day trying to keep him out of a nursing home. He refused to use a walker and fell 4 times, refusing help. He was  200 lbs and a big man.  It was his way or none at all.  My whole life became trying to give him his freedom until the end. .  Sadly the last 4 weeks, he got so bad and so hard to handle that he ended up in the hospital fighting the drs and nurses there. He refused to cooperate and fell several times, landing him in the lock up unit of a nursing home. He fought them too. In the end, he made his choice. If he couldn't have it his way, he would not eat or drink.

He died on April 26th, fighting all the way through. The physical and emotional toll on care givers is excruciating on the heart, mind, and soul.  That is not the physical toll. It took three heavy duty nurses to get him to the bathroom but he was mad because we could not take him home.  He would not allow anyone to help him without fighting them. He died refusing all who tried to help him. He was mad right up to the end. He wasn't dying and he didn't need help from anyone. I am a commander right to the last breath.

On his gravestone, along with his service record, it says,'I did it my way!"

We love our family members, even when they are very difficult to love. We watch  and cannot save them often. Their self destruct instinct is too strong. Even if you have given them all you have to give, it still  rips your heart apart. Then suddenly they are gone and your life is supposed to go back to normal but the pain is still present. It affects your health, your life, your writing, your  whole being.

It is now almost the anniversary of  5 months since his death. We are still working with legal issues and bills. I became almost a daughter in the end but its time to get back to life and writing.  His father was a constant factor in our marriage since it began. It is a blessing to have time to give my husband, the time he deserves now. It is a blessing to not worry about each day and what to do about dad at this point. It is time for me to heal and leave dad to God.  So I felt an explanation was in order for my absence on this blog.   As a healer, we cannot always save those we love.

 I think to all of you reading this blog today and perhaps going through this or have been through this, its rough.

There is a time for life...a time for death...a time for crying....a time for joy....a time for the renewal of our life and blessings. 

So thank you all for being patient and I hope you will come back each week.

There are going to be some changes which I will announce next week. I have had some time to really think about my writing and my life, now that his father is gone.  I am 67, and each day must count.  Life is fragile and uncertain, so it is important to make the most of each day and hour. It is important to thank God for our blessings. Those important people in our lives, your spouse, your children, your family and work to make sure they know how much you love them and how you cherish them.

Thanks to you all and God  bless you! Kate, the Herbladyisin

Monday, February 19, 2018

Natural Weapons Against Head Trauma, Dementia, and Memory Issues

 Memory issues affect thousands of families every year. The patient and everyone around them is impacted by Alzheimer's, dementia, traumatic head injuries, and aging memory issues. Memory problems can affect us even in younger years and in women going through menopause. It is so very important to deal with memory issues in the beginning of the problem. The sooner you start, the better chance you have of preserving the memory you have.

 In our family we are dealing with my 93 year old father-in-law who is quickly slipping into confusion and end stage chronic leukemia, my husband who suffered a mild stroke and several TIA's and myself with a head injury sustained three years ago after smacking my head on our icy yard the first winter living in TN.

 I am writing on the issue today and the next several blogs to help others. It is hard to understand how this affects your life unless you have been through it. This blog is not just medical research but experience taking the path back to memory recovery and how it all impacts your life.You may have noticed that I have written much less in the past two years. There was a good reason.

For me, the head injury impacted my life in every aspect including writing and ability to focus. There are several herbal formulations which have brought me forward in my path back to writing. I still have to work at concentration and focus. With my 93 year old father-in-law ingrained  in standard medicine, it is a race to save him as he enters the last stage of chronic leukemia and dementia that is deteriorating with  each month.

My husband has lost some of his focus ability too after his health issues. He has ADD as well. The problems with caring for his dad have raised his blood pressure and stress level. I am gone now all but 5 hours a day taking care of his father. I would say that the problems with his dad has not helped his health much. The stress created into the surrounding family of a sick, aging parent is enormous. It affects every aspect of your life and marriage. It is rough.

I believe there is an answer to most health problems in alternative medicine. At times, it may take time and experimentation to find it. So recently I began more research into Lion's Mane for all of us. In a few weeks, I will write a blog on the results we see. It may not do anything for his dad at this late stage so this will be interesting in more than one way. He has chronic leukemia in the last stage. It wasn't diagnosed until the later part of last year. He does not like anything new and is not open to alternative medicine. After learning of his dangerous blood disease state, he is willing to try for me.

There are many natural remedies that can be employed against memory loss.  In the next few blogs, we will explore these natural weapons against memory loss.  Lions Mane is one I have only explored in the past three years. I just went in a different alternative medicine direction to begin with. It is difficult at times when undergoing severe stress to tell what is working and what is not. You may not be sure. I did not get better in days but in months gradually. There is no instant cure to memory problems or brain trauma but there is hope and sometimes total healing.

Acetyl L Carnitine is one of the top alternative therapies I will discuss today.

Taking Acetyl L Carnitine was the main alternative therapy I used until just recently. It did improve my memory problems very well but concentration and focus was still a big problem.

Head injuries cause an inability to concentrate and focus. You try to work through it but it is like hitting a wall. That does not work well when researching complex medical information and research data. My memory is pretty good now but the concentration did not improve to the degree needed to research and write articles.

How did I know that my brain was impacted by the fall? In the first  few months, I would have blanks on recalling pertinent information like the kids birthdays. Confusion in driving and directions. Pretty scary. I remember the first week after the head injury not being able to remember my birthday correctly for a form. That is when I knew the full extent on the injury sustained from that fall. After a week or two I tried to write and it caused a headache to concentrate. Conversations were too much as well. My husband would be discussing an issue and it just was not going through. It bothers you to think. I looked it up then and thought wow, I really did it this time. You look fine but you know you are not. Your immediate family can spot the effects too.  You have no idea how long it will last or if you will recover completely. The doctor who told me that I was probably fine right after the fall said well we can't do much. Time will tell. That was a big help.I figured a month and all would be fine again. Not so.

 I immediately begin to research brain trauma, the effects, solutions, and alternative medicine. My first supplement was Acetyl-l-Carnitine. I am adding this excerpt from the  website on this subject. They are experts in natural therapy for brain trauma. I suggest you read the whole article there and the other articles on their website. For the record, I used the regular L-Carnitine mainly because of the cost. It is an expensive supplement. I took 2000 mg per day for two years. Looking back, I should have taken the more expensive version. I might have gotten results more quickly.

Why Acetyl-L-Carnitine?

The following excerpt is from the article at

"Acetyl-L-carnitine is a special form of carnitine that has the particular ability to optimize brain function. Acetyl-L-carnitine is able to cross into the brain more effectively than regular carnitine. It therefore enhances brain cell function much better than regular carnitine. As we age, acetyl-L-carnitine levels in our brains go down and for optimal brain function, supplements of acetyl-L-carnitine become mandatory. Particularly for those over 40, acetyl-L-carnitine is the preferred form of carnitine.

The research on acetyl-L-carnitine shows it to be nothing short of extraordinary. Acetyl-L-carnitine prevents the deterioration of the brain during stress and it helps the aging brain function better. Acetyl-L-carnitine also helps prevent damage that can occur to nerve cells when there is a lack of oxygen in the brain. It is therefore of no surprise that acetyl-L-carnitine is very helpful for stroke victims, who have been found to recover better on 1500 mg of acetyl-L-carnitine per day.

Acetyl-L-carnitine acts in many ways to prevent the deterioration of brain cells that normally happens with age. It does this in many ways. It acts as a powerful antioxidant, provides the brain with healing energy and increases levels of a very important messenger molecule called acetylcholine. It is acetylcholine which becomes deficient in the brains of Alzheimer's patients and that is why these patients have such poor memory function. So by increasing levels of acetylcholine, acetyl-L-carnitine helps the memory work better and may help prevent Alzheimer's as well.

Animal studies have shown that acetyl-L-carnitine can greatly improve the body's ability to recover and repair nerves after physical trauma. Acetyl-L-carnitine is an exciting nutrient for application in any kind of nerve damage because it is a real "Renaissance nutrient" when it comes to healing nerves.

 The many roles acetyl-L-carnitine plays in promoting nerve healing include:

promoting the growth and health of nerve cells in many ways
accelerating the maturation of nerve cells
protecting nerve cells from free radicals
activating nerve growth factor, an important nerve cell healing compound made by the body
speeding the healing of damaged nerves in peripheral neuropathies" end of excerpt

Here are several websites on this supplement:

Did L-carnitine work for me?  L-Carnitine is the less expensive version of this amino acid.

L-Carnitine at 2000 mg per day did work to restore 80% of my memory functions over many months. I must point out that this was the second head injury. The first one being years ago from a car accident. That accident caused severe short term memory loss for over a year. My memory was not the same after that accident. One reason I stopped teaching live classes was because of the inability to recall at times.  Even though that got better as time went on, it never was completely perfect. So this was the second major head injury which makes it worse for recovery. With each fall, your risk for permanent memory loss goes up.

I no longer have trouble remembering birthdays and important information.  After two years though, my ability to concentrate was still impacted. I could not do the intense research needed for my kind of writing.  It is apparent to my husband and family that L-Carnitine did do quite a job on restoring the memory brain damage from the fall.  The excessive stress taking care of my father-in-law slowed down the recovery I feel.  I still have not been able to concentrate enough to really write again. That part of brain damage is not apparent to most of your family. It is something you know and it is exceptionally frustrating.

So a month ago, I went back to research to see what I could find or add to help.  I went back to further research on Lion's Mane mushrooms.  They are a weird looking mushroom that looks like a mane or white beard.  The more research I did, the more I felt it was perhaps the therapy to restore the remaining problems. I also found out that it has been shown to be a weapon against leukemia, which my father-in-law is in the last stages of suffering. Since they are giving him no options for treatment, his oncologist has told me to go ahead and see what happens. Lion's Mane works on additional problems such as high blood pressure, clotting issues, mood, depression, and leukemia according to some published research papers.It is not just a therapy for memory and brain issues.

 I put all of us on it for a full trial of Lion's Mane with three different kinds of memory issues between us. It is interesting after months of not being able to sit down and write that one week on Lion's Mane, I sat down today and wrote this. It was not a struggle to sit down and write or nor do the research on the subject. I am excited to continue this treatment with my husband and father-in-law.  I will report more on this as we go along. So all of us are now taking the supplement. I want to take you all with us on this path so you can see how it might help your health issues.  

God Bless You All 
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Winter is Here-Tips for Staying Flu Free with Natural Medicine

My father-in-law who only has a few more months to live.

A few thoughts on life and life ending.

We understand our parents more as we get older. I could not understand as a child when I got up earlier then usual, my mom would be sitting at the table writing in her journal, reading the bible, and drinking her coffee. She would send me back to bed until it was time for all of us to get up. It was her time, precious time she needed to remain healthy and sane. I understand how spending time with her plants gave her such pleasure. It is clear to me now, how she felt about life and the trials she was facing with my father. So much is clear to me now because I am walking down a similar path with some of the same problems. So I got up at 4:30 AM to write this.  Quiet, peaceful, and free of interruptions for a few more minutes.

Mom took little time for pleasure because she worked so hard. I am like my mom. No one could ever say, I was not a hard worker.  Saying that, neither my mom, nor I have taken enough time to laugh and have fun. So the other night my husbanMy fd and I watched Hallmark movies for the evening. Hallmark movies are predictable but so sweet. They take you away from daily life and into a place where life ends well. That is important to give your mind a break from life that doesn't always end well.  When life gets harder, you must give you mind rest from the stress. 

As I look to 2018, I know life and the coming year will be harder. My father-in-law who I have taken care of for months is in the end stage of Chronic Leukemia.  He still is playing golf but his body has already stopping creating new white cells, red cells, and platelets. His labs are falling with each test. At 93 the doctors are impressed he is not more effected at this stage. If you spend as much time with him as I do, you can see the gradual changes such as more weakness getting out of his chair and trying to hit the golf ball. 

How I look at death at 67:

My view toward death is this. We all have a contract of life days. For some it is 93 years and for others it may be 45.  In his case, his body is simply done with continuing life. It is telling him, his organs and systems are tired and have come to the end of their production. Everything in life has a shelf life and a point where they end. We all will die from something at some point. The goal is do the most you are capable of for the duration of your individual contract of life. Since most of us do not know the ending contract date, we need to make each day count in every way we can. Live life as if were to end soon. We tend to put things off because we think we have years to do things, but often we don't. Life life as if each day is a gift and a blessing...because they are! 

I know the next few months will be extremely hard to go through but it is part of life we all must deal with. It is important the higher your stress level climbs, the more you must work to keep it healthy. This is winter and everywhere you go, someone is sick or coughing. 

 Here are some tips to stay healthy this season.

#1- Take time to rest your body and mind. Give both of them downtime from your work schedule. That might include music, walks, watching a TV program that does not include violence and killing; one that is gentle on the mind.  What ever gives your body and mind a rest, put that into your list of things to do.

#2 Get enough real rest at night.  A strong body can defeat a virus or bacterial infection much more effectively. Read something positive before bed, something that calms the mind, rather than excites it or irritates it like politics.  Drink  a calming tea such as chamomile before bed. Herbal formulas that include herbs such as Valerian Root and passion flower help. 

#3 Wash your hands after shopping and visiting friends. Wash your hands often during this time period.  Try to stay away from doctor's offices and the germ laden  atmosphere. If you have to go, sit away from others and don't go there any earlier than needed.  

#4  Use garlic in your cooking which defeats most virus and bacteria.  Try to eat healthy despite it being Christmas and cookies are everywhere you look. Candy stares you down with every trip to the store.  It is hard to say no to the goodies.

#5 Take a higher dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and overall vitamin support.  This is part of a keep your body strong program to help stay well.  

#6 If you are exposed to sickness in the work place or at home, take natural antibiotic herbs the first hint of feeling like you are coming down with something. The earlier you take steps, the better you will stay well. 

Natural antibiotic herbs include: Garlic, Goldenseal, Echineacea, Oregano, Immune enhancing formulas, Colloidal Silver, and Neem.  Herbs must be taken 3-4 times a day with two to three caps being the dosage. The suggested dosage on the bottle is only that, a suggestion. They are not allowed to give you dosage information because of the government. You must research that for yourself because it varies from one person to another. Start out as the suggested dosage, than move up from there. If the dosage does not seem to be affecting your virus, then either it is resistant, is the wrong herb to fight with or you are not taking a high enough dosage. It takes 3 to 4 days to know that. The sooner you start, the better it will be to defeat it. Herbs do works on both virus and bacterial infections. I have used them for 35 years with good results. You must take them properly to work. 

God Bless you all this week. Take time to give lots of hugs and warm words!
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Spring is in the air! How to add Spring to your house during the gloomy winter months!

Spring is in the air! How to add Spring to your house during the gloomy winter months!

I want to first thank you all for reading these blogs and supporting it. We have been so busy trying to get this nursery going that writing time has been almost impossible. I take care of my father-in-law for hours a day then come home to work on plants and projects until it is dark. By then often my brain and body is pretty tired. I will be striving to get more blogs done and more writing. I hope you come back weekly to enjoy the column.

It is... in our house this winter, even if it is very cold outside. I always hate winter because all the plants are dormant.  Beautiful green Tennessee becomes its winter face which is not as pretty. I am always sad when our hummers leave for warmer places. They left two weeks early this year. Raising plants in the house lifts my spirit and gives me joy. 

Peppermint scented geraniums

Our kitchen Neem tree grove which is there to give me leaves for my tea.

Purple Passion Flower Vines

Our house is full of baby plants that will grow  and be ready for Spring sales and to plant in containers for stock plants. We bought them too late to be put outside so they are hanging out in our lighted basement and living room.  Forty watt, very bright, shop lights will be very economical on the electricity bill.  Growing in our living room are  some very special herb plants as well such as Stevia, sage, and a special herb from Africa.  Some of these will either be house plants in winter or porch plants in the warmer months.  We will be growing some very beautiful shrubs such as hydrangea that feed the soul and give warmth to the heart. Medicinal herbs will be grown so that people begin to realize you can grow many of these at home and in your yards. It is quite rewarding to take the Neem leaves off my trees in the kitchen and make my own antibiotic tea. I know the trees are healthy, that no chemicals have been used on the trees, and that I picked them safely.  I don't have to worry about the source of my leaves. That is why you should have your own personal herb garden even if it has to be in containers. 

Moringa and Neem trees can be grown in large containers and raised as a house tree in the winter and moved outdoors in the warm months. When we were in CA our Moringa trees did bloom and have seed pods.  It will be interesting to see of the Neem do that raised in the house.  If you give them proper lighting and warmth, they will not lose their leaves. We put clear plastic liners on the inside of the kitchen windows. It was amazing how much cold comes through these old windows.  We noticed the temperature change immediately. I predict we will have to turn on the propane heaters less this winter.  The plastic clear shower liners are 1 buck at the Dollar Tree. In some cases, I put two layers up on each window. It lets the sun in for the plants but helps keep out the cold.  Dwarf pomegrantes are another plant for the house. The blooms are beautiful and the small fruit is good.

Turn down the winter blues with house plants and give your heart a lift.
Thanks for reading today.
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin

Monday, October 30, 2017

Our Back Yard Nursery is Almost Up! Growing Herbs for Health and Flowering Scrubs for the Soul

Hi Friends, it has been awhile for blogs. 

We have been working till dark for weeks on fencing off the pasture for the flock, working on the 12 by 24 cold frame, buying plants that will be for sale in Spring. Some will be used for stock plants as well.

 I am so thankful for my husband who is working so hard on the cold frame and fencing. We are a team effort to make this all work. The longer we are together, the more I realize the value of team effort. For independent women, such as myself, it is a move forward to realize you CANNOT do it all. As you get older, it is even more important to work together as a team. 

I will be sharing some healing news that I am excited about. I have had phlebitis in my right leg for 30 years that is a genetic problem. It had gotten worse in the past years. I have tried many things on it that did not help enough not to be in pain. I finally started on a new regimen that has made all the difference in the world and that is exciting. I have always believed there is a solution with natural medicine but it takes a lot of experimenting to find the answer at times. I will be sharing this in a blog in the near future. The important thing is never to say there is not a answer. You must keep searching and asking for guidance on finding the answer. It is never too late to find the answer to a perplexing and difficult health problem. 

Will be sharing a picture of the 12 by 24 foot cold frame in the next blog. This is our newly fenced off nursery area.
 We had so many delays from repairs on the chicken coop area from our raccoon predators to rain.  Now all but the roof is done so next will be the plastic covering. It all takes lots of time and some money to get it done. 

For this winter since the plants were bought too late to be put in the ground, we have them in the house.  It is amazing how many plants you can creatively add to rooms. The 12  Neem Trees and dwarf pomegranates have taken over the kitchen as usual. I had them on the porch until the squirrels ate one.  The plant was taken root and all off the porch.

Neem Trees

The basement, living room, and back room are all filled with next year baby plants such as hydrangeas, crapemyrtles, mints, and all sorts of beautiful flowering scrubs. They are babies now that will end up planted in containers around our yard in Spring.  We will be growing our own cuttings. By the way crapemyrtle is correct as one word. Spell check has its problems with medical words and botanic names.  

Herbs and Beautiful Flowering Shrubs heal the soul and lighten your heart!

When we first made the decision to open a back yard nursery, I was just going to sell herb plants. Then on my drive everyday this summer, the beautiful pink crapemyrtles were blooming all over here locally. I loved seeing them. It gave me a smile. I have always been a practical grower. If you couldn't eat it or make it into tea, I didn't spend my money on it. I realized I had been missing something in my life that was important...beautiful plants that appealed to the soul. So we changed the direction of our nursery to both herbs and beautiful blooming plants such as hydrangea, crapes, and butterfly bushes. People need those beautiful plants to lighten the load of life and give them focus on the many gifts from God.  So late in the season here I began buying young plants for next year.  Will be writing blogs on some of these herbs you can grow for yourself such as the ones pictured and Neem trees. Moringa is also important to be included in herbs and plants you can grow yourself for health. Many of the herb plants have beautiful flowers as well. We are excited for the New Year when we get our nursery license and begin selling plants. It has been a long journey for this dream. We will announce when it is officially open in Spring for plant sales.

Jiao-gu-lan, Sweet Tea Vine is one of the herb plants that will be for sale. The leaves are steeped in water then used as an over all tea for better health.  

Passion Flower: Not all passion flowers are medicinal. The blue one like this is not. It is the purple passion flower that has the research behind it for helping one to sleep.  I will sell both since they have beautiful exotic flowers.  

Monday, August 7, 2017

Please Join me on FaceBook so I Can Communicate With All Of You Better

I am reluctantly joining the new world with Facebook as one of its hallmarks.  I am of the old school of talking face to face or voice to voice. I like to see people's eyes when they talk and hear the emotion in their voice and words. I am naturally a people reader and watcher. I text only because it is the way my kids communicate often. There are times when I actually find it useful, although I hate to admit that. It certainly works better in a doctor's office than disturbing others.

Having said this,  I do have to admit that Facebook is apart of business these days.  I do have a Face Book page and would like you to visit and join me there.  It is another way to communicate with all of you on a personal basis. It is easier to communicate with all of you on a one to one basis. I have closed off comments on my blog here because of spam comments by a group who represents some doctor who says he can cure everything.  I cannot seem to stop the group from submitting comments which come from different emails each time. So that is why I closed off comments to shut that down.

So click onto my FACEBOOK page and join me there. Help me slide into the new world by leaving me a message or giving me a like if you would! I sure would appreciate it!

Kate Freer, the herbladyisin

Friday, June 23, 2017

Future Plans for Growing Medicinal Herbs here in TN and other Important Changes

Hi Folks,

The Amazon store connected to this blog hosted by Amazon is being discontinued by Amazon. The Amazon stores were not search engine friendly. Amazon and its stores lost money. The stores hurt website search rankings.  So my store here now will be closing as of today.

My Amazon store is connected to so many posts, it is impossible to correct all the links.  So clicking on those links will not work any more.  

My Nature's Sunshine Herb Store sells an  exceptional line of superior quality herbs, essential oils, and supplements will remain a part of this blog and my business. As a Master Herbalist, I have personally used and sold their products for over thirty years. Natures Sunshine herbs proved to be the light  to help my youngest daughter get well and myself all those years ago. I became an herbalist  because of the renewed health that Keith Smith, who was a Master Herbalist and healer was using to help his customers. I became his customer and student then.  You can shop online here directly at my Nature's Sunshine Store which will help support this blog and my family.

Don't worry this blog will blog will remain a passion, continuing to share my knowledge with you and others but its focus will be more general,  covering the diversity of medicinal herbs with focus on the Jiaogulan herb or Immortality plant, passion flowers, sage, and other adaptogen herbs which help your body organs to work more effectively.

Comfrey will continue to be a focus as well. 

Moringa will be included in the overall coverage of topics.  A majority of my blogs here cover Moringa topics.

Changes in Our Business Goals for the Next Several Years

Moringa and Healing Herbs will be phased into Greatly Blessed Medicinal Herbs Farm over the next two years. This will be a small scale nursery but really rewarding. We have lots of land to grow plants here, are located right on the road, and are near two or three farmer's markets at which to sell the plants. It will be sometime in Spring when we officially open for business after we obtain our nursery license.

We are in the beginning stages of growing medicinal herbs for sale in 2018 such as passion flower, sages, rosemary, and the Immortality Herb, Jiaogulan.  

Moringa cannot be grown here easily in the soil here in TN. We get way too much rain. Our covered front porch is the only place for keeping Moringa trees from getting too much water.  

We have decided to branch out and grow herbs that will grow here more easily on our property. Herbs that can handle all the rain and humidity we get. God has given us a treasure trove of medicinal herbs to help restore health. Many of them can be grown by you at home.  If you can grow them, you should so that you save money and have control over quality of the product. 

I will also be concentrating on writing some articles and E-Books which will be for sale on this blog and the website.   I will keep you posted along the way.  Thanks to those of you who purchased products from my store in the past.  

Stay tuned for more  blogs and news on our business!  Thank You.

All for Now 
Kate Freer, the Herbladyisin